ABOUT – Zer Zabar Paesh

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enter Zer Zabar Paesh is a platform catering to the arts and humanities of Pakistan. Given the country’s eclectic culture and history, ZZP aims to situate the creative thought and practices of Pakistan against a complex backdrop of cosmopolitan as well as cross-disciplinary influence. ZZP thus holds Pakistani arts and humanities as intricately tied with the creative cultures of not only the Indian subcontinent but also the Islamicate, Indic, and Western cultures at large.

ZZP’s general aim is three-pronged:

  • exhibition and celebration
  • commentary and criticism
  • exploration and experimentation
  • The guiding belief of this project is that thriving awareness and dialogue on both the past and present of creative thought and practices is indispensably linked to the cultural and creative health of the Pakistani society.  A lack of commitment to this view has been responsible for the cultural and intellectual decay besetting many parts of the postcolonial world. 

    Thought and practice in this context concerns the arts and humanities associated to not merely the territory/geographical space occupied by Pakistan, but also its underlying ideal of an imagined identity and a basis of solidarity unrestricted by ethnic, territorial, and racial claims.

    This platform aims to not only showcase and commentate on creative thought and practices across various disciplines and genres, but also encourage the production and showcasing of both newer renditions and original work.

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    This segment exhibits and celebrates notable artists, poets, and intellectuals and their works.


    Here we encourage and promote commentarial and critical discourse reflecting upon or shaping the arts and humanities associated to Pakistan.


    This section is devoted to hosting contemporary reinterpretations, renderings, and entirely novel content and interventions.

    This platform is a brainchild of Faraz Alee. Editorially, he collaborates with S. Shiraz Ali.

    Faraz Alee is a multidisciplinary creative and designer by profession and a performance artist by passion. He currently works as Senior Designer at a leading architecture and design firm. His portfolio includes Adidas, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola Co., and Emaar Properties PJSC.

    Over the past few years, Alee has been studying Urdu literature as both a creative tradition and a sociocultural phenomenon. To that end he has been involved in rigorous research, dialogue, experimentation, as well as acquisition of relevant methods, skills, and theories. Earlier this year he launched “Project Ādāb”, a collection of digital renditions of fifteen masterpieces of Urdu poetry, each penned by an Urdu literary giant. Now accessible through this very platform, Project Adab is at its heart a cultural intervention of cross-disciplinary nature, grounded in visual design, performance art, and digital humanities. (www.projectaadaab.com) www.instagram.com/farazalee​​

    Shiraz studies Islamic intellectual and social history at Harvard University. He tweets @lastofancients